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How To Remove And Install Car Cylinder Head That You Need To Know

mazyanto.com- There are several important things in disassembling the cylinder block of a car engine. We will see the shape of the ridge at the top of the cylinder, the rest of the combustion at the top of the piston, and many other things that need attention. Therefore, especially for those who are newcomers to the automotive field of four-wheeled light vehicles to more carefully read and understand each part of the following explanation about remove and  install car cylinder.

How To Remove And Install Car Cylinder Head That You Need To Know

Steps To Remove And Install Car Cylinder Head 

Ring ridge forms when cylinder block has been worn. Until the 1980s, the ridge ring incident, namely the creation of a ridge on the cylinder wall, still often occurred when dismantling the engine. If this occurs at the top of the cylinder wall, this engine needs to get a reboring.

How To Remove Car Cylinder Head

If a stop-gap repair is carried out, then an ordinary iron ring should be used. Meanwhile, modern engines use premium piston rings that will not accommodate a worn cylinder bore. A ring ridge can result from two things; combustion pressure, which forces the upper piston ring against the cylinder wall, and the fuel wash, which washes/cleans the lubricant from the upper cylinder wall. This information is useful for remove and  install car cylinder.

The pattern on this cylinder shows wear of the top and second compression rings. Sometimes the ring ridge is only carbon so it can be easily cleaned with a scraper. Sometimes it can be very deep too. This depends on ignition, lubrication and some cooling related issues in general. Pistons?

The piston can only be removed through the top of the block, because the main bearing mesh is at the bottom. Use a rack reamer to remove ring ridges before removing the piston. Cleaning the cylinder head components using a washing machine using cleaning fluid. This is very important to know about remove and  install car cylinder.

Procedure for Installing Cylinder Head

After you have checked, reclaimed or removed the cylinder head components, then all you have to do is reassemble them. Before installing the cylinder head, there are only the required measurements, the height of the valve installed and the height to which the valve springs are attached.

The height of the installed valve stem is an important measurement, due to the impact of rocker arm action. To measure the installed height, you can use a caliper or a depth micrometer. Adjust to the specifications in the workshop manual for remove and  install car cylinder.

The height where the spring is attached is measured with a caliper. To measure this, attach the valve to the seat and conductor. Install the retainer and the spring support valve collet, measure the distance between the spring seat on the cylinder head and the base of the retainer. Compare the size results with the specifications in the workshop manual.

If the height where the spring is installed is too large, then Sim can be added to get the right height. After completing the height check as described above, the cylinder head is ready to be installed. The cylinder head reassembly step is generally the reverse of the removal step. Follow the procedures/specific provisions contained in the workshop manual.This is important to remove and  install car cylinder.

Steps to remember.

Cylinder head requires cleaning. After the cylinder head has been reclaimed, iron powder or other impurities are difficult to see on these bifang areas. These impurities can damage the components

Lubricate all components during reassembly

Using new valve seal oil

After the cylinder head component has been reassembled, gently strike with a soft hammer the top of the valve spring to ensure that the valve and fittings are installed correctly.

Check valve leak

Installing the Cylinder Head

Before installing the cylinder head, first make sure the surface of the cylinder block is clean and the gasket is used. The hole where the cylinder head bolt is installed must also be clean of dirt or liquid and the piston head is also in a clean condition. This is new information about remove and  install car cylinder.

 For engine type OHC, piston no. 1 must be in TDC (Top Dead Center) position to avoid valve damage. When installing the cylinder head, always use a new gasket. Note that the gasket is installed correctly.

Carefully place the cylinder head over the gasket that has been placed on the cylinder block surface. Lubricate and install the camshaft. Adjust timing marks, install gears and tighten cylinder head bolts to manufacturer's specifications. Begin tightening the cylinder head bolts from the center in a circular way outwards. This is steps to remove and  install car cylinder.

Install timing belt/chain and holder

Adjusting the valves

Replacing the rocker arm cover

Install manifold, fuel system, electrical and cooling system components

After completing the installation of the cylinder head and other equipment, fill the cooling system with cooling water. Fill the engine lubricating oil and start the engine.

(Check fan freedom and other noises before starting the engine).

Start the engine until it reaches working temperature. Monitor the engine closely to make sure the thermostat is working properly.

Check engine lubricating oil pressure and water leaks in the cooling system.

Stop the engine until it cools down and recheck the hardness of the cylinder head bolts if necessary. Check the hose clamps and re-tighten the manifold fixing bolts.

Restart the engine and once it has warmed up, readjust the valve clearance.

There are information about remove and install car cylinder head. This information can be useful for you. 

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